Parts and Labor
Copper, pencil, chalk on primed canvas. 64” x 59”. 2023

**6 months of auto repair plotted in relation to the tide

Parts and Labor (detail)

Block Candle 
Truck, beeswax, string.
17’x 6’x 5’. 2023

Truck Candle (process). The candle is solidified through the passive heat of the engine while driving.

Truck Candle 
Can, beeswax, string. 2023

Muffler Tattoo Gun
Hose clamp, threaded rod, found hardware, ink tube, tattoo needle, truck. 2023 **Powered by the vibration of the exhaust, the tattoo needle creates the rapid up and down movement of a tattoo gun. The needle goes in and out of the stationary ink tube mount keeping the needle inked. At 2000 RPM the apparatus functions like a professional tattoo gun. 

Durational Drawing
Graphite, paper, beer can, hose clamp, truck. 4”x6”.
  ***(Process documentation included below drawing.)

Installation overview:  Scratch (left), Water Table (center), Performance Anxiety (right)

Performance Anxiety          
Found pop up canopy tent, bar stool swivel. 14'8"

Wall. 14’8”  diameter

Water Table
Photocopier. 25”x20”x20”


Gas station pump, truck, ratchet strap. 6’x17’

ASTW91 accompanying text.
Screenprinted on receipt paper.


Blown Fuse (15A TURN B/U)
15amp fuse, copper, paper.  3”x 5”
   ***Through a process of electrolysis I used the copper from shorted-out wiring in my truck to create the image mounted on the panel. The fuse embedded in the panel was blown by the same shorted-out wiring.

Attachment for a Vehicle
Etching needle, radio antenna, hose clamp.

Vehicular Labor 
Etching, BFK. 22”x30”
 ***Made with Attachment for a Vehicle”


Open Pit
Copper, wax, pencil, and gesso on canvas. 60”x96”


Electrolysis Print
copper, salt, paper. 22”x30”

Grid Work I
Copper and Sumi ink on paper. 22”x30”

Grid Work II
Copper and Sumi ink on paper. 22”x30”

Copper, salt, phone charger, alligator clips, paper. 22”x30”

Detail (Electrolysis Print)

Rust, Toaster oven tray, copper, paper. 22”x30”
Rust, copper, paper. 22”x30”

Truth or Consequence
Found materials, digital print, screenprint, cinder block. 10’x 8’



Microwave, rod. 30”x16”x16”

I Don’t Know How I could be More Disappointed
Found pop up canopy tent, bar stool swivel. 7-10’ diameter.

Car door, windshield wiper, window, grid reader.  36”x48”

Winter Triangle
Tar paper, found materials. 5’x6’


Reeds Peak
Tar paper, resin, silicone, copper, acetate, wax crayon. 5’x6’

Ugly Stik Harp
Fishing rod and reel, windshield wiper, braided fishing line.
***This piece was a part of a video collaboration with Sara Emsaki. The tension of the braided fishing line sings in the wind.